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Vin Diesel Fanfic

Fan Fiction

What's New?- 1/25/03

I've added a guestbook.
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Mistress to the God


Welcome to Vin Diesel Fan Fiction.

This is an archive site for the Fan Fiction group hosted by Yahoo groups. Here you will find Fan Fiction related to all the wonderful characters our Vin God has played and, maybe even a few he hasn't. We ask that you pay attention to the ratings. By clicking on a fanfic with an R or NC-17 rating, you are certifying that you ARE of legal age to read such fic. There may be fanfic which may be offensive to some readers, and you will see that there are warnings for such a fic. Read at your own risk.

This site is still under heavy construction. Please keep checking back. Your Web Mistresses are:

Lordess Jahda

Lordess Aegean

Mistress to the God

Feel free to contact us with any questions or to submit a story.

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